Welcome to Design By S.L.S.

The main goal for any person or company looking for a site should be to obtain a web site that is attractive, innovative, accessible, and has an effective design that allows them to reach the largest target audience, as quickly as possible.

Design By S.L.S. will provide you with a search engine friendly, user-friendly communication and marketing tool that allows you to grow your business in the direction you wish to take it.

Design by S.L.S. is a Canadian based web design company. It is privately run and based in the G.T.A. although we service clients world wide. The Internet is a limitless expanse and through it the world is brought closer together with technology and innovation.

A special thanks:

A special thanks to Joe from Diaz Media. Joe is an incredible graphic designer and recently made me one of my all time favorite presents (showing the version over a background):

SLS Logo

It is absolutely perfect... And I have fallen solidly into design love.

Thanks Joe!

For the month of October we went Pink!

Think Pink Icon

For the month of October there was be an influx of pink sites on the Internet. You mayhave seen some or stumbled upon them. This was one of them. It was part of the Think Pink movement. We were all trying to raise awareness for Breast Cancer and to show support of this... Design By S.L.S. had set their default style to pink.

We are proud to have been part of at least 3000 sites to go Pink for October. We also offered a free transition to pink for any existing clients and hope that next year we can do the same.

Please feel free to find out more at: http://www.pinkforoctober.org/ where you can find a ribbon in support, make a donation or simply gain a bit more information.